7487 Bd.Saint Laurent,, Montreal

Telephone: 514-508-2558


We have 80 places to provide children with a daycare Because we are a daycare, our mission is to observe the educational program of the Ministry of the family.

We follow the curriculum developed by the Ministry of Family and Seniors. This program is based on the principle that every child learns through play The center is a nursery where the child immersed in a creative and safe world. The daycare has the Le Castelnau several goals that we take to heart.

Our mission is to enable your child to develop his curiosity his intelligence and imagination. Given that the child will spend a good time of the day in the nursery, it must secure enough children to encourage exploration, effort and trust.



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    - Educational Program

    Our program uses many approaches to facilitate language learning. We will take care of your child in order to stimulate their language skills.

    Emphasis will be placed on oral practice through various activities, such as threaded discussions, word games and phonetics will also be presented to your child activities scenarios and activities songs ...