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The educational program of the daycare Le Castelnau boosts confidence, responsibility, curiosity and knowledge of your child. Grow our business to stimulate and develop the motivation, confidence, initiative, kindness, spontaneity, humor, responsibility, and joy in a child.


Our educational program is based on the Ministry of Family and Seniors whose principles are summarized as following:
- Every child is unique. - The child is indeed the primary agent of development. - The development of the child is a comprehensive and integrated
- The child learns through play
- Collaboration between educators and parents is essential to the

harmonious development of the child Starting from these basic principles we are confident to offer children a child care quality in which they can move safely, develop the cognitive emotional, physical, motor, mental, and finally acquire language and social skills.



The program provides care for children on many occasions by different themes to create, explore, experiment and develop skills of autonomy and independence.'' There are daily activities on language, art, music, mathematics and science to allow children enrolled in our program to develop their full potential.

We offer experiences to encourage a sense of initiative and independence.


We care on

- The moral and social emotional development,

- The physical and motor development

- Cognitive development and language.